Prestigious Pivot Doors S-700 Series

The Spitfire S-700 Series will make a real focal point on your entrance door to your home. It will create a grand first impression and make you stand out from everyone else. The brand new ‘Pivot’ Spitfire Doors, is a stunning addition to the Spitfire line up. You can be reassured that your door will be ‘On Trend’.

Technical Specifications

  • Min. width 1400mm & min. height 2200mm
  • Max width 2000mm & max height 3000mm
  • Frame + sash depths 113mm
  • 3mm Aluminium walls
  • Pivot mechanisms have adjustable pins
  • Standard lock is five point
  • Integrated recessed external handle (with LED option)
  • UD value of 1.5 W/m2k (w/m2k)
  • Class 3 air tightness
  • Class 1A water tightness
  • C5 wind load resistance
  • Soundproof to 34db
  • Internal opening
  • Auto-drop base weather seal

Additional Images